"A sweetie needs too write how she is, what does she like, whats on her mind or what does she feel . A daily it's too old now, and sometimes I just want to let the people know how I feel. This is MY DAILY , and I'm going too write to let know who I am, how do I feel and everything." ♥ ________________________________________________________________________ "Una chica también necesita escribir cómo es ella, ¿qué le gusta, lo que esta en su mente o lo que se siente ella. Un día es demasiado viejo, ya veces sólo quiero que la gente sepa lo que siento. Esta es MI DIARIO , y yo también me voy escribir para dar a conocer quién soy, cómo me siento y todo. "♥

mayo 22, 2011

Half-Hearted Comments | Fashion Click | teenvogue.com

Half-Hearted Comments | Fashion Click | teenvogue.com: "Disappoint: Fail to fulfill the hopes or expectations of (someone).I got my exams grades back today and let's just say it really drained me out emotionally. I don't want to say anything more than that. *Disappoint* How can one study endlessly and still come out as average as they can be?! It's ridiculous. School is going to work me to the ground. The stress isn't even just stress anymore, I'm not sure what to call it. This constant pressure is just tiring me out and I'm going to end up being a very unhappy person if you know what I mean. What really, really bugged me was that I had a GPA close to getting an academic achievement award because my grades have been going up... but not the exams are just going to ruin all that and I'll be back where I started.My boyfriend on the other hand, is just chillen'. He passed his national exams (yay him! :D) so now all he has to do is wait until his university days start (he's already accepted). Life is fine and dandy for him. I hate high school. Can't wait to get out into the world and start doing the things that really matter to me.I'm not blaming anyone but myself though for not doing the best that I can, and I need to get my shit together for next year. Last year of highschool = Extended essays, university applications, IB final exams, SATS, Art exhibition. That's a lot on my plate already let alone adding your everyday tests, quizzes and assignments. So I do need to get off my lazy ass, stop watching movies all day long, and actually do some work.Ciao,Tammie.'Failure is an event, never a person.'Â - William D. Brown"

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